Meet the Makers | These are their stories:


This week we are celebrating the women at the heart of our brand, they are talented artisans who handcraft each piece with love, skill, and passion.

Guille, 69
I enjoy knitting but it is also my job. Through that income I can support myself and my family. Knitting makes me feel good, I’ve done it since I was young. My parents taught me when I was a little girl, and today it is my support.

Toñita, 64
I knit because I love creating, and it also gives me the opportunity to have an income. It’s a very productive gratification for me.

 Celia , 50
Knitting to me means everything. It’s the legacy that my mother left me, and its my way of staying close to her. She taught me when I was 14, and told me she would be present whenever I would be knitting. Knitting calms me, relieves me, and can even say it cures me. In addition to doing what I love, I generate an income, what else could I ask for?



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  • Mary Ellen Dickson

    Beautiful email. What a wonderful way to celebrate women who continue and cherish a family centered handicraft. I applaud their talents and especially their fortitude in caring for and supporting their families. I have a few Binge bags and each time I wear them I receive compliments which I pass along to your fantastic ladies! I rarely write reviews but this is my second one to Binge and you wholeheartedly deserve the kudos!

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