Earth Day

"I slowed down the clock, and time gave me joy again."

Today, April 22, we are reminded of the importance of taking care of our environment and finding ways of protecting our planet. Little ways in which we help may be recycling at home and cutting down shower time. As consumers, we look for cosmetics without chemicals, food with clean ingredients, and clothing that was made under fair labor conditions.

This year, Earth Day has a special meaning for us. The day arrives at a chaotic place in time where we are forced to rethink our way of living, as a society and as individuals. We are not only finding ways of taking care of our planet, but also giving love to our body & minds. As our fast paced world slows down, we find peace in places that feel safe and give us joy. Crafting gives meaning to our days while we create things with our hands and feel comfort in repetitive movements. Today, we invite you to rejoice in taking care of our planet, our bodies, and our souls.


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